Sunday, August 26, 2012

Village Festival 2012

I participated in my first art festival over the weekend of August 18 & 19th. It was also the first time that I was showing my work to the public outside of the college atmosphere. It was a really great experience and I met some nice people. The weeks and days leading up to the festival were so overwhelming and stressful. Even though I knew I was organized I still felt like I wasn't. Maybe it wasn't such a smart idea to continue making work and prepping right up to the night before. I felt that the whole weekend I was fully turned someone had flipped a switch and I was running on adrenaline.
I wasn't nervous until I arrived to set up my booth and the first wave of people started arriving. I was not expecting to win first place and shocked that I was chosen. I was so excited! There was some very good work at the festival and I couldn't help but compare my work to the other artists. None the less I felt like I was finally living my dream of being an artist. I had made my work, shown it and sold some of it. It was cool.
I couldn't have gotten through the weekend with out the help of my parents, family and close friends. My Mom sat with me both days at my booth and watched over things when I needed a lunch or bathroom break or just needed to sit and rest. My Dad helped me with last minute prepping, bought me lunch and helped me pack my car up after the festival. Thanks my friends who stopped in to say hi and to those individuals that bought some of my pieces. Participating in the festival was a good experience and I received great feedback and advice from those that stopped by. I was completely exhausted by the end of the weekend but so happy that  I did this and may look for another festival to attend in the future.