Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Collage, Golden Gate Bridge

Collage of the Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, CA 12/2012

Every year my family does a white elephant gift exchange with a theme. This past Christmas is was my sisters turn to choose the theme. She decided on Geography. I thought this theme over for a couple of weeks and knew that I wanted to be creative in my approach. I made a list a some of my favorite places and settled on San Francisco. At first, I thought that I would buy Giants tickets, or a day pass to one of the museums there or a dinner out to a nice restaurant. While all of these ideas were good, I wanted to push the envelope a bit.
One day I was looking around Pinterest for creative ideas I came across an artist who uses maps to create scenes. I knew immediately that I wanted to use maps to create a collage of the Golden Gate Bridge. This artist's work by far surpasses mine but I was so inspired after taking a look that I decided to give it a try. After many late nights and 15 maps later the above image is the result. I couldn't make it to this years gift exchange but I sent my creation anyway. From what I heard it was a hot commodity. What do you think?