Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dream Come True

It been a while since my last post since I have been busy working and moving. Even though I haven't gotten the chance to create new work I was itching to show the work publicly that I currently had. So, I made the decision to donate most of it to two worthy causes. Through Facebook and a friend I was fortunate to give my work away to the Place County Breast Cancer Endowment and to a separate fundraiser for Cancer both in Roseville, CA.
The first fundraiser for Cancer was called the Crabby for Cancer Auction. Come to find out, all of the pieces that I donated to Crabby for Cancer sold and created quit a buzz. I was so excited to here the news.

The other event was also an auction through the Placer County Breast Cancer Endowment. The organizer of this event decided that my work (my work!) was too good for the auction and needed to go into the gallery. The gallery that she is referring to is the Blue Line Gallery in old Roseville. During college I had the opportunity to volunteer at the gallery a couple of times. I always thought how cool it would be to someday see my art on it's walls.
With the kindness of the gallery my three pieces will be on display as consignment. When sold, half of the proceeds will go the the gallery and the other half to the endowment. The larger abstraction will be on display from June-August 2012 and the smaller pieces from September- November 2012.

This is all very exciting to me. It's a dream come true to be able to have this opportunity. I am so thankful and proud of myself. All it takes is a little faith in my dream. I feel completely supported by the universe and my friends and family.
The first two pieces will be in the gallery during November and the last two pictures are of what is currently there on display.