Friday, June 22, 2012

Waiting for Paint to Dry

While I'm waiting for my painting to dry outside I decided to catch up on some books that I have been reading. One is called "The Element" (Ken Robinson) and the other is called "Steal Like An Artist"(Austin Kleon). The Element discusses how finding your passion in life changes everything. The Element is the "place where the things you love to do and the things that you are good at come together."It's that thing that brings you the most joy when you are engaged with it, time doesn't matter, something you have a nature talent for. What is it for you? Have you found it yet? For me, making art and painting is my Element. I have to do something creative daily and if I don't I feel stale, like an old piece of bread.

I have always enjoyed making art. I can remember as a child always favoring the art projects in school over math. Although I liked science, I didn't enjoy it like I enjoyed art. Then I kinda forgot about making art until junior high school I took an arts/crafts class and photography. In high school I took another art class. My love for making art as far as paintings didn't really hit me until college. I will never forget that moment.

I had been considering what I was going to major in for some time. I couldn't decide and interestingly enough, art was far from my mind. I knew that my major had to be something that I really enjoyed. I then decided that I needed a few electives and chose to take an Introduction to Art & Design class and Introduction to Color Theory class. In both classes I was learning about line, shape, negative space, color relationships, the basics. It wasn't until I began a project in Color Theory about mixing color that the idea, the light bulb turned on that I though "I LOVE this." I knew at this very moment of mixing color that this act of creating was what I wanted to do forever. I felt a rush of excitement and joy like I was going to burst. Much like I have felt over the years and even now when creating work. I also felt it too during one of my experiences working with kids and art.

The second book was given to me as a graduation gift. "Steal Like An Artist" is for artists and non-artists. Everyone, I believe has creative potential. The book gives a list of the 10 things you need to unlock your creativity. I like that it mentions in the book that it's okay to steal ideas from others. Being in school and becoming trained to be an artist I was constantly asked what my ideas were? Why did I paint this or draw that? I also sat with other and shared ideas and became inspired and influenced by other's ideas.

Both books are fascinating. I do hope you read them.

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